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Taking your Physical Therapy to a New Level

Sometimes the climb to the top seems impossible. Especially when you have tried so many times before.  

The term “Redpoint” is a climbing term that refers to completing a route which has been unsuccessful on other attempts.  Whether you're dealing with a new injury, or you have a chronic problem that you have been unable to resolve, we are confident we can help you reach your goals and improve your quality of life.

At Redpoint, we offer a fresh approach to physical rehab - We won’t simply treat body parts.  We'll treat people. Our thorough approach provides a superior rehab experience and includes a combination of skilled manual therapy, as well as a comprehensive list of highly specific therapeutic exercises.

Our goal at Redpoint PT is not just to rehabilitate you, but to take your rehab to a new level!

Physical Therapy requires education at a master’s or doctoral level, as well as a state board certification.  Physical Therapists are trained to evaluate the entire body and all related systems, with referral to outside sources as needed.  PT is intended to restore function and prevent future injury in conjunction with, or in the place of, medicine or surgical intervention.  PT’s use a combination of manual therapy (hands-on work) and skilled exercise, individualized for your specific problem, in order to maximize your recovery.  PT’s are experts in physical rehabilitation through manual skills and therapeutic exercise.  Click here for a more detailed description.  (back to top)

Most insurance plans will cover physical therapy that is medically necessary (the medical necessity of your problem is documented by your physical therapist and verified by your doctor). Redpoint Physical Therapy currently accepts these insurances: Medicare, motor vehicle, worker’s compensation, and self-pay. Check with us to see if your insurance is accepted.  (back to top)

Click here for a partial list of symptoms treated at Redpoint Physical Therapy.   Dr. Sims is a skilled diagnostician and enjoys a challenge, so if you have a problem not listed, please contact her to discuss your needs. (back to top)

It depends.  Believe it or not, most of your injuries are related, and many times, one injury cannot be treated independently of another.  However, there may be times where treating multiple, un-related injuries may detract from your therapy experience, so in those cases it may be in your best interest to focus on the most limiting factor first.  Your physical therapist will discuss your options with you and will strive to solve your problems in a timely manner. (back to top)

No, insurance companies will only pay for PT services at one facility at a time.  If you are switching facilities, please make sure you are discharged from your previous facility prior to your initial evaluation in order to avoid unnecessary costs due to insurance company denials. (back to top)

No, insurance will not pay for home care if you are receiving outpatient care.  Please obtain a formal discharge from home care prior to your initial evaluation in order to avoid unnecessary costs due to insurance company denials. (back to top)

If you believe you need physical therapy, please contact your doctor to obtain a prescription for physical therapy.  If your described problem is not previously documented, your doctor may want to see you first.  Once you have a prescription, contact Redpoint Physical Therapy  to schedule your initial evaluation. (back to top)

While physical therapists are trained to diagnose, most insurances still require a doctor’s approval in order to cover physical therapy treatments.  Providing your physical therapist with a recent and appropriate prescription for physical therapy helps protect you from unnecessary out-of-pocket costs due to insurance company denials. (back to top)

The initial evaluation can run anywhere from 30-90 minutes, though it is typically an hour.  Follow up appointments will run 45-60 minutes, depending on the needs of the individual client. Every so often, your physical therapist will reassess your progress, and these visits may take a little longer than your usual follow-up appointments. (back to top)

This depends on your initial evaluation, diagnosis, and goals, and can range from 1 visit to  more than 36 visits.  Redpoint PT strives to be cognizant of your finances as well as your physical needs and aims to help you achieve your goals in as few visits as possible. (back to top)

This is a challenging question to answer because it depends on your insurance plan, deductible, co-pay, and treatment.  It is advised that you contact your insurance company directly for information on your benefit prior to your initial evaluation; however, once Redpoint PT has your insurance information, we will also look up your benefits and will share that information with you.  If you are a self-paying client (with no insurance), please click here for details. (back to top)

Prices for individual treatment sessions may vary from day to day based on length of time in treatment and particular treatments administered.  In addition, the initial evaluation usually costs more than follow-up appointments.  You may only be responsible for a co-payment, or your insurance may require you to pay a deductible or co-insurance for each visit (please contact your insurance company and Redpoint PT for further information on this). (back to top)

Your plan of care will be developed at the initial evaluation, and may differ slightly from the number of visits prescribed by your doctor.  The number of visits determined in your plan of care will depend on your specific impairments, goals, insurance allowance, and financial ability.  If, at the end of your prescribed visits, you are not feeling better, a re-evaluation can be performed to get more visits.  Depending on your insurance coverage, additional visits may or may not be approved.  

Upon completing your plan of care, you are welcome to participate in Redpoint Physical Therapy’s Supervised Post-Rehabilitation Independent Training (SPRINT).  For a fixed cost, you will be allowed use of the equipment you were trained on, and you may continue to consult Dr. Sims regarding ongoing physical problems. (back to top)

In most cases, yes - Redpoint welcomes former clients with any injuries, and often patients will require semi-regular “tune ups” in order to maintain their optimal level of function.  Some insurances offer limited coverage per diagnosis during the calendar year or lifetime of the policy.  Your therapist will discuss these benefits with you during your first appointment, though it is advised that you contact your insurance company prior to your first appointment for details on your coverage. (back to top)

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