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Taking your Physical Therapy to a New Level

Sometimes the climb to the top seems impossible. Especially when you have tried so many times before.  

The term “Redpoint” is a climbing term that refers to completing a route which has been unsuccessful on other attempts.  Whether you're dealing with a new injury, or you have a chronic problem that you have been unable to resolve, we are confident we can help you reach your goals and improve your quality of life.

At Redpoint, we offer a fresh approach to physical rehab - We won’t simply treat body parts.  We'll treat people. Our thorough approach provides a superior rehab experience and includes a combination of skilled manual therapy, as well as a comprehensive list of highly specific therapeutic exercises.

Our goal at Redpoint PT is not just to rehabilitate you, but to take your rehab to a new level!

The following is a partial list of disorders treated by Redpoint Physical Therapy. If you are having symptoms and are unsure if we can assist you, contact us for a comprehensive evaluation to determine your rehabilitation needs.

PT is appropriate for both acute and chronic back pain due to a variety of disorders.  This could include, but is not limited to: overuse, muscle tear, sacroiliac dysfunction (SIJ), poor alignment, degenerative changes, fracture, or compensation from other impairments. (back to top)

PT is extremely effective for improving balance in a variety of cases, including normal age-related changes, chronic ankle injuries, neurological disorders,vertigo, or even previous history of falls or fear of falling (hot link to falls risk questionnaire and fall prevention info). (back to top)

Having insufficient strength in your core muscles can lead to a wide array of issues, including but not limited to back pain, hip/knee/ankle pain, shoulder/elbow/wrist pain, neck pain, and headaches.  In addition, it can affect your functional strength (e.g. ability to lift, carry, climb stairs, etc), athletic ability, sitting and standing tolerance, and handwriting!  Physical Therapists are the experts at improving core stability safely in order to resolve symptoms and help prevent future injuries. (back to top)

Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and myofascial pain syndrome are all complex, often multi-system disorders that can be improved or resolved with physical therapy.  Treatments focus on myofascial therapy, strengthening and flexibility training, and patient education in order to improve function and pain. (back to top)

 The therapists at Redpoint Physical Therapy have a keen eye for aberrant movement patterns and locating causative factors.  Gait disorders can be caused by a variety of issues, including but not limited to ankle or leg injury, pelvic asymmetry, SI joint dysfunction, sciatica, back pain, and neurological disorders. (back to top)

While often referred to occupational therapy, hand and wrist issues are often a result of postural abnormalities and scapular instability, which may go untreated by other specialists.  Redpoint PT will evaluate the entire body to determine the root cause of the injury, and either treat as appropriate or offer a referral to another provider.  Call Redpoint PT to determine if your injury is appropriate for physical therapy. (back to top)

Physical therapy is effective for the treatment of a large amount of headaches and migraine. Evaluation will determine the likely cause of pain and prognosis of treatment, though treatment usually involves a combination of manual therapy and myofascial release to neck and shoulders, postural retraining, functional strengthening, and patient education. (back to top)

Physical therapy is effective in the treatment of both acute and chronic neck pain.  Neck pain can be the result of a variety of issues, including but not limited to postural abnormalities, impaired stability or strength, injuries, or poor body mechanics. (back to top)

Exercise has been proven to be effective in the treatment of Osteoarthritis.  By improving muscular control surrounding the joint, mechanics of the joint are improved and pain is relieved (or sometimes resolved), prolonging the need for cortisone injections, surgery, or joint replacement.  Here is an interesting article citing some research on the topic:  (back to top)

Physical therapy is appropriate to improve, or in some cases restore function following the onset of neurological injury which could be due to congenital illness, stroke, traumatic brain injury or concussion, Parkinson’s Disease, and multiple sclerosis, among many other causes.  Redpoint PT’s therapists have a history of success with a variety of neurological disorders. (back to top)

Pain is the number one reason people seek physical therapy, regardless of the cause.  If you have pain, Redpoint PT will provide you with a full evaluation to identify all potential causes, and will work with you to develop an individualized plan of care in order to achieve your goals. (back to top)

Physical therapists are trained to assess and restore normal posture.  Altered posture can lead to neck pain, back pain, hip and knee pain, shoulder and elbow pain, and even wrist pain.  Contact us to see how your posture is affecting your function. (back to top)

Pregnancy takes a toll on the human body, leading to back pain, headaches, leg pain, ankle and foot pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.  Improving core and pelvic floor stability prior to and during the early stages of pregnancy is associated with less pain, easier delivery, and fewer post-natal symptoms (such as back pain or incontinence).  During the course of pregnancy, many women lose their proximal strength (hot link to core and scapular stability), leading to neck, shoulder, and back pain when caring for your newborn or young children.  Redpoint PT will provide a thorough evaluation to determine all causative factors and will work with you to develop and plan of care to achieve your goals. (back to top)

Physical therapy should be recommended after most surgeries, and in some cases, prior to surgery to improve surgical outcome.  Treatments will focus on restoring normal function and reducing pain.  For questions specific to your circumstances, please call Redpoint PT. (back to top)

There are many reasons you might experience pain in your shoulder, and may types of disorders.  Roughly 50% of shoulder injuries are due to rotator cuff dysfunction, which can lead to more serious injuries in the shoulder as well as the entire arm and neck.  Physical therapy is an effective treatment for a large number of shoulder injuries, and can be used to prevent surgery or maximize recovery after surgery. (back to top)

The therapists at Redpoint Physical Therapy have a comprehensive understanding of the musculoskeletal system, paired with a broad base of experience with a variety of sports.  They have a particular interest in improving mechanics with swimmer’s shoulder, and they also enjoy working with gymnasts, soccer players, baseball players, lacrosse players, and runners, among other athletic endeavors. (back to top)

Stroke, or cerebrovascular accidents, can cause a wide variety of impairments, many of which are effectively treated or improved with physical therapy.  The therapists at Redpoint Physical Therapy have a passion for neurological rehabilitation and are happy to chat with you about your needs in order to determine your appropriateness for physical therapy. (back to top)

TMJ disorder (pain and dysfunction in your jaw) is very common and occurs more often in women than in men.  It can be due to a variety of issues including stress, postural abnormalities, weak shoulders, poor neck flexibility, or trauma.  Physical therapists are trained to evaluate and treat TMJ disorder with a combination of manual therapy to neck and face, joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise, and postural reeducation. (back to top)

Physical therapists are trained to evaluate and treat vestibular disorders, including BPPV.  If you have dizziness due to known or unknown causes, schedule an appointment for an evaluation to see what Redpoint PT can do for you. (back to top)

Physical therapy can help restore normal tissue function in the neck and shoulders in order to relieve pain following a car accident.  Be sure to inform your provider that your injuries were due to a car accident when you call in order to expedite care and avoid unnecessary costs to you. (back to top)

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